An artistic label that showcases and represents emerging artists specialized in generative A.I.
Matthieu Mantovani and Sébastien Drhey founded Année Zéro in Paris. A collective of artists with whom they bring generative art to a tangible dimension.
Année Zéro represents a fascinating fusion of an art gallery and a multidis- ciplinary creative studio specialized in generative artificial intelligence. Founded by Sébastien Drhey and Matthieu Mantovani, the label consti- tutes a collective of artists united by a passion for imagery and the desire to explore the potential of artificial intelligence. This eclec- tic group includes talents such as adios from everywhere, AI S.A.M, Ai VVDB, Alys Thomas, Bengt Tibert, Andrea Ciulu, Beyond_Human, Don Rjorke, Forbidden Toys, Horrorvacuai, Innervision, Joachim Biehler, Josef Klumix, Lemoon Synthography, Leilanni Todd, TinBrain, and The Council Of Arts.
Artists at Année Zéro use AI as a creative tool to bring limitless universes to life, contributing to the emergence of entirely new aesthetics and artistic languages. The collective’s mission is to take AI out of screens and transform it into tangible and material works of art. Année Zéro offers a diverse range of works, ranging from numbered and artist-signed prints to sculptures, installations, narrative projects, and animated films.
The motto "Where ideas lead" underscores Année Zéro’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. The label engages in various creative disciplines, including pro- duction, print and video, creation, conception, architecture, design, edition, scenography, and installation.

Sébastien Drhey and Matthieu Mantovani, with their extensive experience in the fields of communication and photogra- phy, have embarked on this courageous adventure at a time when generative art is becoming a propulsive force in the artistic realm. Based in Paris, Année Zéro serves as a platform for artists from around the world, promoting a collaborative and cut- ting-edge approach at the intersection of artificial intelligence and traditional art.

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