Ignite your passion for AI, and be part of the transformative journey shaping the tomorrow of technology. On June 11, GEN AI VISIONAIRES Summit 2024 it will transform Riga in the heart of Baltics, in the fulcrum of CEE Region first and most insightful Generative AI meeting  . ​​​​​​​
At the heart of the GEN AI Summit, is a CEE region community of VisionAIres – leaders, enthusiasts, experts, entrepreneurs and digital artists, who are passionate about AI. This community offers both virtual and physical spaces for members to network, crowdsource solutions, share best practices, and more. It’s not just another AI event; it’s a supportive ecosystem where members can collaborate and thrive.
The GEN AI Summit CEE stands as a testament to this progress, bringing together the experts, brightest minds, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs of the field with a common goal: to upscale AI.
Set across a diverse array of enterprises and industries, the summit serves as a meeting ground for visionary leaders, technical pioneers and experts and AI Artists, all united by their commitment shaping the tomorrow of AI. From CEOs and CTOs, shaping strategic decisions to technical experts, driving innovation in fields, such as Procurement, Technology, HR, Education, and Business Service Operations, the summit boasts a formidable lineup of participants. But what sets the GEN AI Summit CEE apart – is not just networking opportunities - it’s a catalyst for collaboration:
CONNECT: Ignite Your AI Network. The summit provides a platform to connect with like-minded peers and companies, fostering strategic partnerships that can propel your AI knowledge forward.  Whether you’re seeking collaborators for a new project, re-skill your workforce or exploring potential business efficiency solutions, the event offers ample opportunities to forge valuable connections. 
LEARN: Hear & Share Cutting-Edge Insights. With keynote speeches, panel discussions, and solution centers, the summit is a hub of knowledge exchange. Learn from AI pioneers about the latest advancements and exchange ideas with fellow enthusiasts to spark innovation. From exploring the potential of neural networks to discussing the transformative power of prompt engineering, which has never been as highly demanded as today. The summit covers a wide range of topics at the forefront of AI development and integration.
EXPLORE: Unleash the Potential of AI. Engage in discussions on real-world challenges and contribute shaping the future of the industry. Whether it’s exploring the hype versus reality of the digital revolution, or discussing the importance of AI literacy in the workplace, the summit provides a platform to delve into pressing issues and drive meaningful change. And can you imagine unparalleled creativity by utilizing infinite AI Art? 
We have the pleasure ask a few questions to Lana Fomiceva, the  Event Producer and the moderator of the discussions at the Gen AI Summit.
What impact do you see from the evolution in the field of A. I. on the industries in the CEE region?
AI undoubtedly leads to major job shifts, workforce transformation and employee “competency kit” changes, where upskilling programs become essential to equip individuals with AI-related skills.
Fostering the next wave of AI talents, including​ ethical considerations, ensuring AI literacy at Workplace, and unleashing innovation are equally important at all industries across the globe.
The high-speed AI expansion is reshaping the world in profound ways, Central and Eastern European (CEE) region feels that the “heat wave” didn’t localize at full extent.
Economic transformation brings new business models, non-value-added workforce activities being replaced with AI-driven “helpers”, innovative solutions in healthcare camp; biomedicine are cutting-edge, we’re building smart cities camp; infrastructure, addressing environmental impact encounter climate modeling; we’re reshaping AI education camp; inviting for collaborative research, cybersecurity camp; data privacy protection, we’re beating ethical camp; bias challenges.
I’d like to summarize, that CEE region stands at the cusp of an AI Revolution. By embracing AI responsibly, fostering education, and promoting cross-sector collaboration, it can harness the transformative power of AI for societal benefit.

What are the challenges you perceive arising with the increasing adoption and integration of AI across various sectors, and how do you think the GEN AI Summit CEE can address them or provide solutions?
The adoption of AI into organizations has become not merely an option but a necessity for maintaining competitiveness and efficiency. However, this transition is far from seamless, as leaders encounter a myriad of challenges when adopting AI within their organizations. Effectively Bridge Skills Gap. Invest in relevant training for your team. Empower your staff, accelerate AI implementation, and drive business innovation. Increase Addressing Employees’ fear of Job Displacement. We shall foster a culture of collaboration, communication and change management. AI augments human capabilities and provides assistance. Knowing Which Tasks Are Best Left To People. Focus on tasks that require human judgment, empathy, and creativity.
Data Quality and Availability. So many organizations (yes, also large and international), which only database Excel or manual files is a place where data blooms in duplicates, errors and inconsistency, being entered manually, stored w/o proper governance and quality maintenance. Power BIs or Tableau solutions are unknown, not utilized and at the end of the day leads to operational incidents, SLA breaches, quality control issues and many more. I notice that such organizations are extremely slow or/and skeptical to invest in data experts, to ensure clean and enrich existing data. Cost of Implementations may seem high, but you need AI projects investments to stay relevant in industry and successes the change. Balance short-term costs with long-term gains. Prioritize high-impact areas. Ethical and Legal Considerations, where established guidelines might serve local market, business, but not overseas. Where regulations change or being established w/o proper use cases. There are many gaps, due to lack of use cases. Be patient and open minded. Adopt it as your working instruction – day by day, on the go, with best ethical intentions you have.
As a co-organizer of the summit, what are your main ambitions or goals in bringing this platform to the participants? What do you hope attendees will take away after participating in the discussions and sessions of the summit?
We believe in Innovation and Community. We want to empower everyone to connect, learn and innovate in an inspiring environment and incredible community.
Our dream is to make it a platform, where experts turn insights into transformative ideas, with proven ROI. Provide a catalyst for exciting dialog and begin CEE regional movement that is shaping the future.
Let’s raise awareness about AI, fostering collaboration, showcasing innovation, promoting ethical practices, inspiring future leaders, engaging diverse audiences, and providing practical learning opportunities.
If each attendee could take one thing out of summit – it is a potential to change their life. Would it be business of personal growth related. Be inspired, be open minded, become AI pioneer and ambassador,
spread a word about new technology, pursue full time transformation. Let’s create an inspiring and impactful experience for everyone involved! You’re not just ready for the future: you’re shaping it!
From keynote speeches on cutting-edge topics to panel discussions tackling pressing issues, the summit promises a wealth of insights and opportunities for growth. Whether you’re a seasoned AI expert or just beginning your journey, the GEN AI Summit CEE offers something for everyone.
The size of the GEN AI packed event has been selected to ensure that every attendee has an opportunity to network with industry leaders and tech experts, meet and greet inspiring speakers from companies implementing and driving AI innovation. The event agenda has dedicated time slots for approaching speakers and fellow VisionAIres during the breaks.
So, don’t miss this opportunity to connect with AI gurus and fellow VisionAIres this June! 
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