Art becomes a medium for self-discovery and spiritual awakening
Lindsay Kokoska is a mixed media artist, who combines traditional and digital techniques in her abstract and surreal art. Her work is inspired by her travels, yoga practice, and interest in spirituality. With a unique style that blends animation and fine art compositing, her pieces have a dreamlike quality that captures the viewer’s imagination.
Infinite Mantra use of sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns, and shapes, along with her use of AI ART technology, creates pieces that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. Her art lies between the figurative and surreal worlds, and through her work, she channels an energy that inspires people to access a deeper vision and see the magic in their own lives.
Your art is a fusion of traditional and digital techniques, with a particular focus on the use of artificial intelligence. How did the idea of combining these elements come about, and what role does technology play in expressing your creativity?
The fusion of traditional and digital techniques in my art, especially with the incorporation of artificial intelligence, is a reflection of my journey through the realms of creativity and technology. This combination was inspired by my belief in the seamless integration of the material and the spiritual, the tangible and the intangible. In the same way, traditional art represents the hands-on, tactile experience of creation, while digital techniques and AI introduce a realm of infinite possibilities, where the boundaries of creativity can be expanded beyond conventional limits. Technology, particularly AI, has become an integral part of my artistic expression, serving as a bridge between my inner visions and their manifestation into the physical world. It facilitates a deeper intellectual exploration and a more profound connection with my subconscious, enabling me to navigate and express complex patterns, sacred geometry, and abstract forms with enriched understanding and insight.
Your inspiration comes from travels, yoga practice, and an interest in spirituality. How do these elements influence your art, and what message are you trying to convey through your works?
My travels, meditation practice, and deep interest in mystical and esoteric themes are intertwined threads that weave through the fabric of my art. Each journey and meditative practice opens new doorways of perception, allowing me to see the world—and beyond—in new lights and colors. These experiences infuse my work with a sense of interconnectedness and harmony, reflecting the unity of all existence. The message I aim to convey through my works is one of oneness, mindfulness, and the transcendent beauty of the universe. By integrating these themes, I invite viewers into a contemplative space where art becomes a medium for self-discovery and spiritual awakening. My goal is to create pieces that are not merely to be viewed but experienced, serving as portals to the sublime, the mystical and a place where the viewer can find peace.
Sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, and shapes are key elements in your works. How do you choose the elements to incorporate into your pieces, and what significance do you attribute to these symbolic choices?
Choosing elements like sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, and various shapes for my pieces is an intuitive process that resonates with the deeper themes of connection and universality I wish to explore. Sacred geometry, with its universal patterns, reflects the inherent symmetry and harmony of the cosmos. Astronomy, on the other hand, inspires a sense of wonder and the infinite, reminding us of our place in the vast universe. Nature is the ultimate artist, and by incorporating its elements, I pay homage to the organic creativity that surrounds us. Shapes, both geometric and organic, are the language through which these concepts are communicated, each carrying its own symbolic significance and energy. These elements are carefully chosen to create a visual symphony that speaks to the soul, inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty of the cosmos, the intricacy of nature, and our interconnectedness with the universe.

“Sacred geometry, with its universal patterns, reflects the inherent symmetry and harmony of the cosmos.”
Do you have any future projects or exhibition, want you talk about ?
I am currently in the process of developing several new art collections and am actively engaged in special commission projects. These projects are an exciting blend of my explorations in both traditional and digital mediums, incorporating elements of AI to push the boundaries of my artistic expression. Alongside these projects, I’m also exploring opportunities to present my work in immersive environments. My goal is to create experiences that not only showcase my art but also envelop the audience in the themes and concepts I explore, making each piece a gateway to a deeper, more meditative interaction with the art. I am always open to new opportunities to exhibit my work and I am excited for what the future holds.
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