Krista Kim is not only an artist but also a constantly evolving and dynamic force in the realm of digital art.
She represents a significant paradigm shift, asserting that technology can have a positive impact a means through which to recenter humanity in the future of digital world.
“Okay, imagine this: in a not so distant future, we will authenticate everything we do with a unique heartbeat algorithm on the blockchain. It will be like a signature that cannot be forged: a stamp that declares this is my authentic product, not a facsimile generated by artificial intelligence.”
“Continuum” was born out of a profound desire to bridge this digital-human gap and to restore a sense of balance and connectedness. It was not just an artwork but a mission, an attempt to reintroduce Zen principles into our increasingly digitized existence.

Creating “Continuum” involved layering subtle gradients and incorporating slow transitions, generating a sense of visual harmony and fluidity. The artwork is designed to subtly shift and evolve over time, creating an ever-changing, dynamic Zen landscape that invites viewers to slow down, observe, and ultimately connect with the present moment.
Krista Kim has presented this scenario as an example of how blockchain technology can counteract the various harmful forms of data extraction and manipulation that are now prevalent in the era of surveillance capitalism. However, this vision is also an eloquent metaphor for the overarching goal that unites her numerous projects: to recenter humanity in the digital world.
Web 3.0 represents a new opportunity, and the Metaverse is more than just a place to buy and sell real estate; it is much more. It is a realm of experiences and communities where future generations have the chance to communicate at a transcendent level beyond all the divisions that exist in the real world political, religious, and racial; all these divisions fall away.
Art is necessary and essential for the development of the digital realm.
In what I see brands transforming into communities: communities revolving around products that people love, services, or even ethics. Brands are no longer just highly marketed logos. It is increasingly becoming a community to bring into an engaging experience, both in the metaverse and in real life.
Art has always had a purpose and a message, and Krista Kim advances an artistic message through the Metaverse to protect democracy and free will. During a speech at TEDx 2022 in Times Square, she states, “This is a powerful technology that will shape the future for our children. Let’s build a HUMAN Metaverse through the integration of immersive learning, health and well-being, human discovery, and art.”
In February 2022, Krista Kim presented her project “Continuum,” where every night at midnight, her meditative gradients colored Times Square through its screens, creating an experience of zen meditativeness. Krista Kim’s is an appeal, advice, a guide that enlightens us on how we can build a new future for humanity, a new connection. What values do you bring to your community to contribute and add value to their lives? This is the question we must ask ourselves.
The metaverse is an opportunity for a new human civilization, where we transition from passive consumers to conscious co-creators. It is a monumental artistic project, a rebirth of creativity in human history, and a tremendous opportunity to enhance one’s life in the real world, especially for those who have never before had the chance to monetize their knowledge. The passion they want to share with others on a human level is the future of the metaverse. 
As we enter the metaverse, we have a significant responsibility—one of the most powerful and pervasive technologies we have encountered. This is a new realm, and we have a responsibility for future generations to create a foundation focused on humanity; this is the way. Let’s collaborate to make our future better.
“Techism does not mean how it sounds,” she wrote. “It does not put technology before art but rather sees art and technology as companions meeting the next wave of human expression—digital humanism. We are the masters of technology, and creating art is the expression of digital humanism.”
Her philosophy is rooted in values of connection, collaboration, and awareness, bringing together future generations in a digital environment free from the divisions of the real world.
Krista Kim’s art is more than a visual experience; it serves as a guide to a new era where art and technology collaborate to build a sustainable future, centered on humanity and guided by awareness.
Krista Kim sees artificial intelligence as a new opportunity for a transformative human civilization, one that can connect with oneself, the planet, animals, and plants. She calls for a collective paradigm shift, placing art and technology in the service of humanity. 
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