Nancy Poeran (1975) - worked for 20 years in various managerial positions. In 2020, she changed course and pursued a career in photography, which turned out to be a great decision. In 2021, she was nominated for the Rabo Portrait Prize Talent Award. And had expositions at Nyenrode University in Breukelen and Amsterdam. In. 2024 she gave a TedTalk, Featured at Haute Photography, was published in (international) magazines and newspapers, selected for Women in Art and Fresh Eyes 2024 and solo-exposition at Atelier K84 at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. She graduated from the photo academy in December 2023.

Currently, untill March 30th 2024, you have a solo-exhibition at Atelier K84 in Amsterdam. Could you share with us what the exhibition is about and highlight the key elements you aimed to showcase?
The serie We are all made of light and shadow reflects the complexity and diversity that takes place both in the world and within ourselves. By shedding light on my subjective perspective, I aim to capture the nuances of human emotions. I hope my work acts as a mirror in which viewers can recognize themselves while simultaneously being invited to reflect on what it means to be human. My work is a combination of photography combined with AI, sketch and other techniques. I create various figures, by entering into a dialogue with artificial intelligence (AI), constantly adapting the images and applying different techniques searching for the soul and essence. In the proces I consciously use contrasts such as light and dark, organic and geometric shapes to experience how this interplay reinforces each other.
Discussing your experience with artificial intelligence (AI) and how you’ve integrated it into your artistic work, we understand that initially it disoriented you from your background as a photographer. Now that you’ve found a defined artistic path, what advice would you give to photographers facing a similar situation?
In the beginning, I found myself questioning the purpose of photography when AI seemed capable of handling every aspect of image creation. However, I soon realized that AI is simply a tool and that maintaining control and nurturing my own artistic vision were paramount. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of what message you want to convey through your images and then seek out the tools that can help bring that story to life. 
For me, AI has become an invaluable part of my creative process, often introducing unexpected elements that enhance my work. My advice to photographers facing a similar situation is to embrace AI as a tool for exploration and experimentation, while always staying true to their artistic vision.
Also keep in mind that AI is continually evolving, so stay curious and open-minded about new developments in the field. Keep learning and adapting your approach to incorporate AI in ways that align with your artistic goals and vision. By embracing AI as a creative ally rather than a disruption, photographers can unlock new levels of expression and innovation in their work.


Delve into the concept of “transparency” and “abstraction” in your exhibited works, particularly in your diptych of human figures. What message or emotion do you intend to convey through these pieces, and how do they fit into the overall context of the exhibition?
In my exhibited works, “transparency” and “abstraction” play a crucial role in conveying the complexity of human identity. Through these pieces, I aim to explore the multifaceted nature of the self and the intricate layers that constitute our identities.
“Transparency” in my work refers to the idea of revealing and exposing various aspects of the human experience. It involves peeling back the surface layers to uncover deeper truths and vulnerabilities. This transparency allows viewers to glimpse into the inner workings of the human psyche, shedding light on the complexities and contradictions that define us.
On the other hand, “abstraction” in my pieces involves distilling the essence of human identity into its most fundamental elements. It entails stripping away unnecessary details and external influences to reveal the core essence of the individual. Through abstraction, I aim to capture the universal aspects of the human experience, transcending individual differences and highlighting our shared humanity.
I continue my journey, next stop I will exhibit in Rome 14-22 June 2024, Galleria La Pigna, Palazzo Maffei Marescotti Curated by @monicaferrariniartcurator

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