Ouchhh Studio’s Milestone in Space 
“HUMAN CELL ATLAS_Neuroorganismic
AI Data Spatial Painting of Humanity”!
This masterpiece embarked on a celestial journey aboard the pioneering Nova-C lander named “Odysseus,” carried by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 1:05 AM ET, February 15th. This mission, executed by Intuitive Machines, aims to mark the first American spacecraft touchdown on the Moon’s surface since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.
We are beyond thrilled to announce a monumental achievement that has been a dream of ours since childhood. Ouchhh Studio has officially become the first studio to exhibit an Artificial Intelligence data painting art piece in space, marking a historic milestone in the history of New Media Art.
Can we create an artistic self-portrait of humanity with AI?
Introducing “HUMAN CELL ATLAS” - our Artificial Neuroorganismic AI Data Spatial Painting of humanity. This isn’t just art; it’s a poetic tale, an artistic self-portrait of humanity, sketched not with brushes but with lines of code and torrents of data.

Ouchhh studio is a pioneer of data paintings&sculptures, AI - Machine Intelligence, mind-driven approach, discovering new technological models to reflect the variety of contexts and experiences that shape their futuristic perspective.
Our canvas? The ambitious Human Cell Atlas Project. A global alliance of the brightest minds, from biologists to mathematicians, all united with a dream - mapping every cell in the human body to unlock secrets that could redefine our understanding of health and disease.
At Ouchhh, we're painting a new chapter in the history of art and science, proving that the power of AI and human creativity knows no bounds. This venture into space is not just an exhibition; it's a statement about the endless possibilities of human creativity and the innovative spirit that drives us forward.
Prince Lorenzo De’Medici is participated of the rocket launch.
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