Provide our listeners with a
better understanding of how AI is shaping our world and the future.
Gilles Guerraz. As an application tester, creator of a weekly newsletter and podcast host, also co-creator of A.I. film compe- titions, Gilles Guerraz passionately guides us into the latest in A.I.
How has your recent experience with Musavir been as a creative tool? In what ways has it enhanced or challenged your creative process?
My overall experience with Musavir has been outstanding. Attaining photorealism through generative AI tools has long been an ambition of mine. While Midjourney brought me close, Adobe Firefly took me much closer. Now, I can confidently say that I’ve realized this goal with Musavir, which continually astonishes me. This is particularly true when incorporating a final touch to the process, like using Magnic AI or for upscaling.
Could you provide some insights into
the themes or topics you cover in your newsletter? What motivated you to start it, and how do you keep the content engaging for your audience?
Generative is a weekly newsletter created in March 2022. It covers the news of generative artificial intelligence, and also talks about the tools and players in this ecosystem. I was initially motivated to begin this venture as a way to share knowledge and passion about the emerging technology of Generative AI. I am committed to maintaining my audience’s engagement by consistently publishing content each week, albeit occasionally a few days delayed. I ensure the quality of content through original articles, sharing personal tests and experiences with AI tools, and conducting interviews with key players in the ecosystem.
Your podcast is dedicated to the AI Generation. Can you share a bit about the subjects you discuss, the guests you feature, and the overall message or goal you aim to convey through your podcast?
Our podcast, IATUS, co-hosted by myself and my fellow director Laura Ghazal, is dedicated to exploring the expansive world of Generative Artificial Intelligence. Our aim is to acculturate and demystify the complex and often misunderstood facets of AI. In our episodes, we delve into a variety of applications of AI, ranging from healthcare to the movie industry. We focus on introducing new tools and discussing trending subjects in the field. Our overall goal is to provide our listeners with a better understanding of how AI is shaping our world and the future, breaking down complex concepts into accessible and engaging discussions.
Will there be anything new in cinemas?
I co-produced the competitionabout A.I. film project, we had revecived some pretty interesting short films, that will screen on january 13th in a respected cinema in the heart of Paris. I can imagine the participants must have faced the challenge of getting the AI to do EXACTLY what they had in mlind in terms of shots, camera moves and consistency between the shots.
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