WITH Neila Romeyssa  From Paris / France
Guided by a background rooted in literature and audiovisuals, she swings between words
and images, creating a visual symphony. Beginning her career as a concept editor, the seductive appeal of Generative AI has aroused her interest in early 2023. Like an artist devoted to her 
craft, she immersed herself in this universe, embracing the nuances of promptography through long days & nights of training. Today, her professional background enables her to weave narratives, which she breathes life into
with Generative AI. In her own words: “Visual Generative AI is my expanded palette, capturing echoes of my thoughts and those of others, while adding a surprising breath of novelty.” 
Her AI-powered works illustrate a wide range of skills while remaining true to her
chosen themes. This versatility distinguishes Neïla as a multi-disciplined AI Art Director, ranging from purist fashion editorial to visual designs, also encompassing retail, packshots, beauty portraits, textures, and more. Her creativity has been called upon for
various collaborations, including Audemars Piguet and Clarins.
Can you tell us who you are and your background?
I’m 25 years old, and I’m an AI Artist / Visual Creative based in Paris. I’m principally specialised in luxury, beauty, fashion and culture topics. Basically, I am a writer/concept-editor, but today I find myself at a unique intersection of creativity and intellectual curiosity, particularly in the realm of digital creation. My journey into Generative AI, although still in its early stages, is driven by a love for blending technology with art and luxury. By the way, I was born and raised in Algiers (Algeria), now I live in Paris since 2016, and I think that my roots, followed by a move to France, have deeply influenced my approach to telling stories, both in literature and imagery. While I’ve had some recognition, like working with brands like Audemars Piguet, I see these as steps in my ongoing creative journey.
Your message as an A.I. artist?
 I want to say that I am a witness of the disruptive side of Gen AI technology. In less than a year, I’ve undergone a professional reconversion. Once solicited as a writer/concept-editor, I am now briefed more like an Art Director; a significant change that testifies to the speed and revolutionary impact of AI in the creative field. I believe this transition illustrates how Generative AI is changing artistic professions and approaches, bringing with it a huge evolution in practices and perceptions. In another subject, I really want to talk about the importance of representation. My work in generative AI is accompanied by a deep commitment to inclusivity in AI-Powered portraits. I believe it’s important to create images that celebrate authentic diversity, featuring models of all origins, ages, morphologies and also skin type. I consider it essential that AI art reflects the richness and diversity of society. Gen AI is now renowned for being “too smooth”, and it’s not upscaling tools that will help for having pimples, hyperpigmentation or imperfections. I’m trying, in my process, to question the representation in this sector, because for me the importance of recognizing and celebrating our society is important, even in the luxury world.
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