Izgi Uygur
W.A.I.A. WomenAIArtists
WAIA was founded to foster an inclusive and supportive community for women, non-binary, and trans artists in the emerging field of AI art. Our goal is to bridge the gender gap by creating a diverse platform that celebrates and empowers artists. We organize regular contests with new themes every three weeks, share insightful artist interviews on our website and social channels, and are dedicated to spotlighting women and LGBTQ+ AI artists globally. WAIA is a hub for connection, learning, and collaboration in AI art.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of WAIA ?
I noticed some concerning trends. There were AI-generated images that didn’t portray women respectfully, and a fair amount of skepticism among creatives about using AI. As a woman in the art and tech field, given the historical gender inequality in these fields, I felt a strong need to support other women artists in this new space. That’s how Women AI Artists (WAIA) came to be – not only to boost visibility for women in AI art but also to help establish AI art as a respected art form.
It was my first experience leading a community, and handling everything on my own was challenging. There were mistakes made and not everyone was forgiving, which sometimes made things difficult. But, through it all, I’ve learned a lot, and I’m grateful for the community members who have stepped in to help.
What is the mission of WAIA and How do you support artists to highlight their work?
We have members who began exploring AI during maternity leave, while others have found it a therapeutic outlet following burnout or physical illness. Generative AI tools offer an accessible entry into creativity, bypassing some of the constraints of traditional art forms like painting or ceramics. Hearing their stories has reinforced how democratizing AI art tools can be. It underscores the importance of our mission to support and encourage these artists to continue their creative journeys with AI.
We have a weekly artist feature, where we publish an interview on our website and share it across social media.
Our “Synthesia AI art contest”, hosted on our Discord server, encourages artists to engage with new themes every three weeks. The winners are celebrated and highlighted on social media. The artist directory is designed to connect artists with galleries and brands for commissioned work, providing more visibility and opportunities for their art.
What is the structure of your community ?
WAIA primarily operates through a Discord server, which has grown to over 300 members. This platform is a hub where artists introduce themselves, share their AI artworks, exchange resources, have discussions, and participate in the monthly Synthesia AI art contest.
Instagram is another key platform for us. It’s where we share artist interviews, updates about the AI art contest, and community news. The WAIA website womenaiartists.org also plays a crucial role, hosting full artist interviews and various other resources. Additionally, we maintain a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.
I feel a deep sense of fulfillment in having created a space where talented and creative individuals can come together, share their work, and form connections. When I first moved to LA, I faced challenges in finding a community. WAIA not only helped me connect with incredible people in the area but also facilitated others in the community to organize meetups and build real-life connections through our platform. Seeing these relationships blossom has been incredibly rewarding and reinforces the value of what we’re building with WAIA.
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